Killzone Shadowfall Multiplayer will be free from March 4th through 11th

Killzone shadow fall mp 1

Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer has been it’s strength ever since it’s launch with the PS4.  It was a strong seller, but many of the PS4’s five million odd some owners don’t own the game and haven’t experienced the very good multiplayer.  Guerilla is looking to change that starting next week.

Beginning on March 4th, all PS4 users can download a client to play Killzone’s multiplayer.  This client will include all gametypes, weapons, and maps, including the new maps that launch on the 4th.  This release will also allow all users to play the multiplayer, not just PlayStation Plus.  The singleplayer will not be accessible for those without a purchased copy, but the majority of the game will be free for all users.  This move could be seen as trying to take some of the winds out of Titanfall’s sails before it launches the next week.

If you’ve never played Killzone Shadow Fall I highly recommend it.  In my review, I noted that it’s a just plain gorgeous game, and the multiplayer is an amazingly fun time.  Give this multiplayer a shot if you have a PS4.  You can’t go wrong with free.

by, Bobby Marquardt



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