Vince Zampella confirms that Titanfall will not run at 1080p on Xbox One

titanfall pilot mech

It seems like nothing gets the internet’s jimmies rustled any quicker then when we talk about resolutions on next-gen console.  Hell, there was a 125 page thread of Neogaf once it was figured out that Ghosts ran at 720p on Xbox One.  Titanfall is seemingly going to be the next victim of this, as it has been confirmed the game will not run at 1080p.

Respawn’s co-founder Vince Zampella was asked directly about it on twitter, and simply replied no.  What resolution does the game run at instead?  Well no one is really sure, but Neogaf’s rumor mill has previously pointed at something just above 720p.  We will update you on any further news about Titanfall’s resolution as soon as we get receive it.

This reporter’s opinion: I don’t care what resolution it runs at.  I’m worried about the game being fun and playing well.  Some of the world best looking games like the Crysis series often aren’t that good (sorry fans of Crysis, I’ve never enjoyed those games).  When I played Titanfall, what drew me to it was the gameplay, not the looks (although I thought they were pretty good).

by, Bobby Marquardt


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