Rumor: Marketing materials for Gamestop suggest new Batman reveal is coming soon

Batman new posterIt’s been nearly two years since we last saw anything from British developer RockSteady, but that may all change soon.  Today, Kotaku and Neogaf uncovered new posters that have been sent to Gamestops all across the country.  These posters point to the reveal of a new Batman game, though it is possible that the posters are for DLC or the release of Arkham Origins Blackgate to consoles, although their is no orange on that game’s cover.

Both Kotaku and IGN have been able to confirm that these posters have arrived at multiple Gamestop stores.  Kotaku went on to reveal that there are other posters, with one being called “Zepplin”.  These posters could be apart of the game’s reveal, which potentially could be coming through Gamestop’s magazine Game Informer.  The magazine normally reveals it’s new covers during the first week of each month, so maybe Rocksteady’s new Batman game will be revealed as soon as next week!  One Dutch journalist was teasing as much back in February even.

So if this a new Arkham game from Rocksteady, what could it be?  Batman: Ashes of Arkham? (Yes I stole that one from Neogaf)  Batman: The Fire Rises?   Batman vs Firefly 2: Electric Boogaloo???  In all seriousness though, we will likely learn about this all in the coming days.  If this is actually another Rocksteady game, I can hardly wait.  They released two of the best games of the last generation, and have had three years to develop a new game.  I’m fully in.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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