Xbox One gets Twitch streaming alongside Titanfall and an all new update

Twitch Xbox One

Xbox One is finally receiving the Twitch Tv broadcasting support it has promised since E3 2013.  On March 11th, Xbox One users will be able to stream all of their gameplay directly onto Twitch for the whole world to see.  By simply saying “Xbox, Broadcast”, your gameplay will launch onto Twitch, with the Kinect acting as your camera and microphone for your viewers.

Your friends will be notified when a broadcast begins, and those watching you can even invite you to a game mid-broadcast.  As you see above, the Xbox One allows for you to snap the chat to the right hand side of your screen, though you can also play the game in full screen while broadcasting.  According to an interview with Twitch’s Matthew DiPietro conducted by Joystiq, the Xbox One will have archiving of your streams, unlike the PS4.  the overall broadcast function is only available for Xbox Live Gold users.

This addition will come to the Xbox One alongside Titanfall on March 11th.  The 11th will also feature an update for the Xbox One that will add many features gamers have clamored for: Xbox One party chat being on by default in a party, by accepting a party and game invite you’ll immediately be taken to both the party and the multiplayer lobby of the game, new shortcuts to the friends list, and improvements to the overall UI.  For the full details, check out Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb’s video explaining everything alongside some nice visuals.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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