Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale features steep discounts on Halo, Dishonored, Batman, and more!


Xbox’s Major Nelson announced the Ultimate Games Sale which begins today on Xbox Live.  Gamers will get massive discounts, up to 93% off, on both retail and arcade games.  Their will be new sales each day, as well as many games on discounted until the end of the sale on February 25th.   Today’s deals include Dishonored for $9.89, Halo Reach for $7.49, Armored Core: Verdict Day for $7.39, Dante’s Inferno for $3.74, Ruse for $6.59, Capcom Arcade Cabinet for $1.74, Runner2 for $1.94, and Bastion for $2.99.

For the remainder of the sale games like Portal 2, Batman: Arkham City, and Mass Effect are all on sale for massive discounts.  To learn more, head over to Major Nelson’s blog or look on the dashboard of your Xbox 360.  The deals will update each day, so check back for any games you’ve been waiting on.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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