Xbox One’s chat adapter is coming in March!

xbox one chat adapterMicrosoft is finally bring an adapter to the Xbox One that will allow for gaming headset users to connect previous-gen headsets.  The adapter will release in March for $24.99, and function along with any headsets that use a 2.5mm cable (the standard for Xbox 360 headsets), except for ones that feature connections like this.  That design was the original Xbox 360’s headsets connector.

To get gaming audio to the headset, players will need a mix-amp, like those that are standard with Astro gaming headsets and many Turtle Beach headsets, and connect to those via RCA or Optical cables.  Two Tritton headsets will not be compatible, the Tritton Warhead headset and Tritton Primer headset.  Xbox 360 Wireless headsets and wireless bluetooth headset will still not be compatible with the Xbox One.  For full instructions on the adapter, Microsoft has released a handy guide to help you out.

Microsoft also announced an all new stereo chat headset.  It will cost $79.99, and is passively powered through the Xbox One’s controller.  This new headset will also launch in March, alongside the adapter.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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