Report: Amazon buys game developer Double Helix

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Amazon hasbought video game studio Double Helix Games, according to a report from TechCrunch.  TechCrunch says it has confirmed the deal with Amazon, and that the purchase is both for talent and IPs.  Double Helix is currently completing work on Stryder for Capcom, and is working on Season 2 content for it’s smash-hit Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct.  Where this leaves the new content for Killer Instinct is a good question though.  It’s doubtful Microsoft would allow Double Helix to leave their contractually obligated work without being bought out of the deal.  We will have to wait and see though.  I’m almost certain this purchase will have no effect on the release of Stryder though.

What reason could Amazon have for purchasing Double Helix?  Well, they did found Amazon Games Studios in 2012, though it has only released mobile and facebook games thus far.  Their have also been rumors that Amazon is creating it’s own gaming console, so Double Helix may be their hope to craft a mega-exclsuive for the their platform.  Double Helix is rumored to be working on a sci-Fi action shooter, so that could be what Amazon wanted.

by, Bobby Marquardt


2 thoughts on “Report: Amazon buys game developer Double Helix

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