Massive rumors for Xbox One include Halo 2 anniversary, Halo 5 delayed, Titanfall Xbox One bundle, and console without Blu-ray drive

I just want to preface everything I’m about to write with this: This is a rumor/leak from a Neogaf user who is currently unverified.  Kotaku has said it has verified with a very reliable source that this user is connected to Microsoft, though they were unable to verify any of the claims I’m about to write about.  Kotaku is also reporting that Microsoft is looking to track down and identify this user for potential legal action.  With all that said, let’s get down to the meat of it.

titanfall xbox one comboA massive rumor dump has appeared on Neogaf, thanks to user ntkrnl.  He has made a multitude of claims, so I’ll start with the biggest one to me: Halo 5 is delayed until 2015.  He is also claiming gamers will receive a Halo 2 Anniversary game on November 11th.  It will include multiplayer, run at 1080p, though 60 frames per second is iffy.  What kind of multiplayer is still unknown though.  If you look back at Halo Anniversary on Xbox 360, they merely ported many of the maps into Halo Reach.  It is reportedly being developed by Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity, and will feature two versions: a collector’s edition that comes with Halo 5 Beta access and the new Halo tv series, and a War Collection coming with all the previous and ports of Halo 3 and 4 for Xbox One.

Alongside this bomb came more on game’s release dates.  Fable Legends is scheduled for a Summer 2015, Quantum Break is scheduled for Holiday 2014, Sunset Overdrive is coming in October, and a (currently unannounced) sequel to Forza Horizon is coming in Fall (probably September).  He also confirmed that a Crackdown 3 is coming, though news on it this year is highly unlikely since it’s slated for a 2016 release.  Platinum Games is also apparently working on an Xbox One game currently called Project Nagano, and to look for it in 2016.  Gears of War will reportedly take about 2.5 years to make (think 2016 atleast).

On the hardware front, ntkrnl revealed that Microsoft is going to be releasing a white Xbox One later this year.  It seems like it will have Sunset Overdrive bundled with it as well as a “fancy” controller.  Microsoft is going to be releasing a Titanfall Xbox One bundle too, with a limited edition Xbox One (shown above).  Kotaku has been able to confirm with multiple sources that the bundle is indeed real, though that image may not be the final product.  Microsoft is reportedly going to have a limited edition console with 1TB of hard drive coming after the Sunset Overdrive Bundle and they a working an Xbox One with no disk drive.  The Verge confirms that Microsoft has been testing a console without the Blu-Ray drive.  An update for the Xbox One dashboard is apparently in the works, and will release in March.

These are massive leaks if they are true, and all around good news for Xbox One fans.  It looks like a ton of great games and new hardware versions are coming from the Redmond giant.  What do you think of the leak and the news involved?  Let me know in the comments below!

This reporter’s opinion:  OH MY GOD I WANT ALL OF THIS TO BE TRUE.  A Halo 2 Anniversary edition would be a mega sell for gamers, as long as the multiplayer remains the same.  If they just port the maps into Halo 4, then many would not care.  Even bigger news to me is that a port of Halo 3 and Halo 4 would be coming to the Xbox One.  I love Halo 3, and would love to see it in even shinier HD and on the next gen.  I can’t speak to how much I want a Titanfall bundle as well.  I’m looking to buy an Xbox One and this would be just perfect.  Crackdown 3 actually being made would be just plain amazing, same with a new Forza Horizon game.  I’m most curious though about what Project Nagano is.  Platinum Games is a fantastic developer, and I’d love to see them craft something for next-gen.  If Halo 5 is indeed delayed until 2015, then I’m betting it gets a September 2015 release date, and Gears of War 4(?) gets a release in fall of 2016.  If you can’t tell, I love speculation.  I really hope this is all real, though it’s very possible we are all just being taken for a ride.

by, Bobby Marquardt


6 thoughts on “Massive rumors for Xbox One include Halo 2 anniversary, Halo 5 delayed, Titanfall Xbox One bundle, and console without Blu-ray drive

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