Elder Scrolls Online gets a new cinematic trailer, and details on it’s collector’s edition

Above is an all new, eight minute long cinematic for The Elder Scrolls Online, called The Arrival.  In the trailer we see Tamriel being invaded by what seem like demons from Oblivion.  The trailer is just plain gorgeous, so watch in full screen HD for best effect.

ESO will have it’s own collectors edition called the Imperial Edition.  For $99.99, gamers will get  receive 12″ Molag Bal statue, a 21″ x 26″ map of Tamriel, and a 224-page Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel book.  On top of that, players will receive digital goodies like a Mudcrap pet, Rings of Mara missions, an Imperial horse mount, and the ability to play as an Imperial in any alliance.  By paying $79.99 gamers can get a digital Imperial Edition which features all of the digital content, and five day early access to the game (though if an MMO works day one then I give it all the credit in the world).

by, Bobby Marquardt


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