Superman joins Infinite Crisis on February 5th!

Superman has been one of the most wanted characters for Infinite Crisis for quite some time now, and thankfully developer Turbine has listened.  DC’s big blue boy scout is coming to Infinite Crisis next month.  As you may expect, Superman seems like he will be quite powerful, and rightfully so.  He’s arguably the toughest hero in the entire DC Universe, and has only really been matched by Doomsday and Darkseid.

The Man of Steel can use many of his iconic moves in the game, including frost breath that slows enemies movement speed, and heat vision that pinpoints an enemy for big damage.  Superman’s ultra is “Speed Bullet”  which hurtles him toward an opponent, seemingly across massive distances as well, and dealing big damage to the targeted champion, and anyone around them.  Superman will be available Februray 5th, and you can sign up for the Infinite Crisis Beta now over at

by, Bobby Marquardt


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