New Call of Duty DLC trailer lets players be “CODnapped” to play Onslaught

Ever have a game’s DLC come out and just want to be able to play it?  Avoiding jobs, family and significant others to have some quality gaming time?  With the release of COD Ghost’s newest DLC, Onslaught, many gamers may be facing that exact same quandary.  Call of Duty’s latest live action trailer has the answer you are looking for with CODnapped.  Take a look at the enjoyable trailer below.

I thought this ad was rather fun.  While I’m not a huge player of COD’s DLC, I always hated making excuses as to why I wanted off work for new games or DLC’s for the likes of Halo or Fallout.  It’s a fun commercial, and I think accurately describes how many of gamers just want to game without being asked why or how.  Look for Onslaught on Xbox One and Xbox 360 January 28th.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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