Here is Episode 4 of The League of Mediocre Gamers podcast, called “The Measure of Skulk”

Episode 4 is full go with “The Measurement of Skulk”. What is the Measurement of Skulk? Something completely unimportant, but slightly related to what we talk about. On today’s show we talk at length about Nintendo’s struggles, Disney seemingly abandoning Star Wars 1313, and is early access a crutch for game devs? We let you know how we feel. Are we right? Probably not, but give it a listen anyhow.

Head on over to Soundcloud for Episode 4.

I hope you guys are enjoying the podcasts, and if you have any suggestions on what we can do better please leave a comment for us, or hit me up on Twitter @The_R3medy.  Thanks again for the support folks.

by, Bobby Marquardt and Max Sturm


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