Ocotodad gets a release date for PC, Mac, and Linux!

Young Horses has released an all new gameplay and story trailer for their upcoming game Octodad: Dadliest Catch.  The trailer takes you through a day in the life of Octodad, and delves a little bit into the story of the game.  Showing how Octodad will have to avoid people like Chefs who are trying to expose the fact that he is actually an octopus to his family.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to get as emotionally hit by this trailer as I was.  I mean, Octodad loves his family, and they love him, but others just want to destroy that because he’s actually an octopus.  Yea, I’m getting a little emotional over what is likely a silly game, but I think it could also connect on an emotional level that no one is expecting.  You’ll be able to play it for yourself in a few weeks though, as it will launch on PC, Mac, and Linux on January 30th, with a PS4 release coming “soon”.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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