MLB is creating their own baseball game for 2014 with the return of RBI Baseball

RBI Baseball

MLB revealed tonight that they are creating there own Baseball game for current gen consoles, next-gen consoles, and mobile devices.  The new game, called RBI Baseball 14 will release in Spring 2014, and that’s about all we know.  No reveal of what it’ll cost, who is developing it, and if it will be releasing at retail or digital distribution.  Even there website is currently rather barren.

This announcement comes hot off the heels of 2K Sports revealing they will no longer be developing baseball games.  This announcement made MLB 14: The Show the only baseball game releasing in 2014, at least until this announcement.  It looks like MLB would not allow Xbox (and maybe Wii) gamers to go without a baseball game for a year, and took it upon themselves to create one.  We’ll keep you updated on all the news as we learn it.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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