Call of Duty’s Championship set for March in Los Angeles

Activision announced today that the 2014 Call of Duty Championship will take place on March 28th through the 30th in Los Angeles, California.  32 teams from all over the world will compete for the $1 million in prize money.  We will see 13 American teams, 13 European teams, two African and Middle Eastern teams and four teams from the Asia pacific region competing this year.

The teams will be selected using online qualifiers through various pro gaming leagues including MLG, Gfinity and ACL.  Qualifiers will use the Xbox 360, and the championship itself will be played on the Xbox One.  The preliminary online qualifiers begin as soon as January 18th, with the top eight teams from each US qualifier then are able to go to Florida for the MLG Call of Duty Regional Championship on March 8th & 9th.  The top eight teams from that event then ear their way to Los Angeles to compete for the $1 million in prizes.  For more information on the qualifies, head over to MLG’s website.

The regional finals will be streamed on MLG.TV and Xbox Live, as will the Championship.  Top teams like Optic, Complexity, Curse, VVV, Envy and more will assurdly be fighting for the money, but if you want to compete, head over to MLG’s website and learn more.  Hopefully, Infinity Ward will have all the issues for Call of Duty Ghosts suffered at other events worked out (and worked out on the Xbox One too).

This reporter’s opinion: This tournament is going to be great for competitive COD, and Esports in general.  This Xbox sponsored event will really be a major draw for both casual COD fans, the hardcore, and even Esports fans in general.  The use of Xbox One at the Championship itself could cause a bit of a hiccup though.  As of now, the Xbox One doesn’t support the older headsets most gamers use, and gamers will have to get use to a whole new controller.  I’d have to guess that the swap to Xbox One was a move required pressured by Microsoft, and that could be detrimental to some players.  Granted, I hope it doesn’t, I just worry though.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Full press release can be found here.  


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