Titanfall’s max player count of 6v6 causes controversy, Respawn responds

titanfall pic 2

Titanfall has continually impressed since it’s reveal during E3 last year, and has been playable at each convention with 6v6 gametypes.  Respawn Entertainment’s founder Vince Zampella was asked on Twitter what the maximum play count for the game will be, and he confirmed that 6v6 is the maximum player count.  Zampella wrote that 6v6 “turned out to be the best balance with ai for us.”

To put it nicely, sites like NeoGaf and Reddit sorta freaked out about it.  “Next-gen platforms can only run 6v6?  What a joke” They roared.    Players also cried foul toward the fact that Titanfall will feature bots during each game, which has lead many to question why these bots could not just be players instead?

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1Thankfully, a Respawn employee took to NeoGaf to calm the gamers down.  In his post, DKo5 (a verified employee of Respawn) wrote that the playercount was tested with a large number, and it came down to what played best, confirming what Zampella tweeted.  He continued, saying that “for amount of stuff happening at once in a map you’ll be hard pressed to find a game that keeps the action higher. I literally have to stop playing every few rounds because my heart just can’t take it some times.”

On the topic of bots, he wrote said that these bots are not a replacement for normal players. The bots have entirely different roles then you the pilots.  So don’t worry, only players will access to Titans, and will be wall-running.   The best way to think of these bots would be that they play a role not unlike the minions in League of Legends or DOTA 2.

Titanfall is just three months away, launching for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on March 11th, 2014.   Does this lower player count effect you potential decision to buy?  Let me know in the comments!

This reporter’s opinion:  Calm down everyone. Titanfall’s lower player count is probably the smart move.  Look back at many of the great shooters of the last generation: Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and Team Fortress 2 (at first), all featured team counts below 6.  Heck, Gears of War never went over five per team and had one of the strongest followings of last gen.  Titanfall will be a great game, and the bots will basically be there to pad players stats and help them earn titans faster.  Imagine how massive the maps would have to be for, lets say, 24 players to all be able to call in Titans and have them not be a clusterfuck.  I’d prefer the next evolution of competitive shooter be for smaller, more team focused combat.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Source: Beyond Entertainment, Joystiq, and Twitter


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