Xbox 360’s January Games for Gold are Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft


Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced today that Xbox Live Gold users will receive Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light this January, as part of the Games for Gold program.  Sleeping Dogs will be available for free download starting Wednesday the 1st, and run through the 15th.  Lara Croft will be free beginning on the 16th, and be free through the 31st.

While this deal is certainly a step up from previous months, it doesn’t really compare to what Sony has been doing with Playstation Plus.  In January, Plus members on PS3 alone will receive DMC: Devil May Cry, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and Bioshock Infinite.  Those three are some of the biggest games of early 2013, and one of the most acclaimed indie titles of the year.  While Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft are good games, Sony has certainly thrown down the gauntlet with it’s selections.  Will Microsoft continue to step up to the challenge in coming months?  We will certainly find out.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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