Playstation Plus members get a free weekend of Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer starting on December 28th

killzone shadow fall free weekend

This upcoming Wednesday is Christmas, and many gamers will be unwrapping the gift of the PS4.  To accompany the new influx of players, Sony and Guerrilla Games will be offering a free trial weekend of Killzone Shadow Fall’s impressive multiplayer suite.  Available exclusively for PlayStation Plus users, the trial will run from Saturday the 28th through Tuesday the 31st.

PS Plus users can pre-load the content now, and begin playing immediately on Saturday.  Note that the trial will be the full download, including singleplayer, although the singleplayer will not be unlocked.  I reviewed Killzone Shadow Fall near the launch of the PS4, and found it’s multiplayer palate to be one of the most impressive in quite some time.  If you don’t own Killzone, be sure to give this trial a try.  It’s a very good game.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Source: Official Playstation blog


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