Nintendo introduces an all new “High Capacity” battery for the Wii U gamepad, on sale now

wii u consoleMany users of the Wii U have noted that the system’s highly touted gamepad has a decently short battery life.  Gamers can play for about 3 to 5 hours on a single charge, and for many marathon players, this is far too little, and being chained to the wall socket is incredibly tedious.

Nintendo has just put an all new “high capacity” battery for the gamepad on sale.  The new battery promises up to 8 hours of use before a charge, and comes with simple instructions on how to replace it.  It will set you back $32 (not including tax or shipping), and makes a great gift for people who are receiving a Wii U for Christmas.

by, Bobby Marquardt

sources: Nintendo, Engadget and Joystiq.


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