MLG Anahiem will likely feature Super Smash Bros Melee


Jake Kulinski, a long time Esports producer, took to the Smashboards this weekend to give Super Smash Bros’ competitive community a major update: MLG will likely host Super Smash Bros Melee at it’s Anaheim event.  Kulinski wrote that it’s not 100% confirmed, but it is very likely.  He went on to confirm that any event held will not use the popular Project M mod, that the events will run on CRT monitors as opposed to LCD, and that Brawl may be run alongside Melee.  If Super Smash Bros Wii U is released before the event, then it will likely run alongside instead.

This is massive news for the Super Smash Bros community, who have long held their own events, and only recently seen mainstream success with the push by fans to get the game played at EVO 2013.  Major League Gaming has previously ran Super Smash Bros, but was not allowed to stream the event do to licensing problems with Nintendo.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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