Uncharted PS4 teased by actor Todd Stashwick

stashwick UnchartedThe upcoming Uncharted game coming to PS4 was announced during the PS4 launch event on Spike TV.  It’s announcement has raised more questions then answers though.  as the trailer made no mention of series star Nathan Drake, and featured a voice over from well known character actor Todd Stashwick.  Who does Stashwick play?  When will the game be set?  Is Nathan Drake even in our tale?  Unfortunately, we have to wait even longer on that information.  Fortunately, Mr. Stashwick has gone to twitter to tease his motion capture for the upcoming Naughty Dog game.

Stashwick began his teasing with the image to the right, with the tweet “The guts the glamour the glory that is #uncharted #ps4 #whosthisguy?”  An Instagram a little later suggests that the game will in fact be set in modern times, as the photo includes a mocap AK-47.  Stashwick’s final photo featured a bit of tounge in cheek humor, as he confirmed that Uncharted will have apples, Gala apples to be exact.

Not much else is known about the new Uncharted title, but it’s safe to assume that Naughty Dog will bring there A-game as always, and that the game will look amazing, as Naughty Dog has recently added the talent of expert programmer Corrinne Yu.  Yu, who’s previous work includes developing the lighting system for Halo 4 (which Microsoft went on to patent), director of technology at Gearbox and on the NASA Rockwell project.

Look for Uncharted on the PS4 sometime in the future, and we will give you more information as soon as we learn it.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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