Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare takes root on Xbox platforms this February

Popcap and EA announced today that Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare will be coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 18th in North America and February 20th in Europe.  Alongside this announcement, an all new 10 minute gameplay video was released showcasing many of the games classes in a 24 player Vanquish game, narrated by executive producer Brian Lindley.  Vanquish is one of three modes in both versions of the game, the others being Garden & Graveyards, as well as a 12 player competitive mode.  Garden Ops is included as well, which is a four player cooperative mode, first shown at E3 2013.

The Xbox One version will receive a horde-esc mode that allows for two players split screen to survive for as long as possible against the zombie horde.  Garden Warfare looks a lot like Team Fortress, with it’s class based gameplay and crazy customization options.  Overall though, the game looks quite good and has continually impressed me enough to make it a day one purchase.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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