Here is the second episode of The League of Mediocre Gamers Podcast titled Brave New World

Hello readers!  Do you want to listen to our staff gibber and jabber about video games?  Of course you maybe do!  This week, Max and I roundup the big news from Blizzcon, apologize to Wisconsin for cursing the Packers, and talk about the next generation of consoles!  Can the Wii U make a comeback?  Which console will sell the most once all is said and done?  We talk about all of that and I make incredibly dated references!  Head on over to Soundcloud now to stream or download the podcast, and we are working to get the podcasts up on iTunes as well.  If you have any other preferred way of getting your podcast let us know, and we’ll try to get there too!

We hope you guys are enjoying these podcasts and we like making them.  If you have any suggestions for how we do things, what we talk about, or any sound issues please let us know here, or tweet to me @The_R3medy.  We are working each week to get better, and really want to give you guys the best podcast possible.  I hope you all enjoy!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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