Knack’s co-op mode is showcased in the newest trailer

Knack is the main family game coming to the PS4 at launch.  Director Mark Cerny revealed the game will also have a co-op feature, but the focus will still be on that first player.  In Co-op, the second player can drop in or out at any time, and will play as Robo Knack.  Robo Knack is quite similar to Knack, but he can donate his parts to Knack in order to assist him in combat.  This allows a great jumping in point for kids and non-gamers.

Knack is coming to the PS4 on launch day, November 15th.  Are you buying one of the new consoles at launch?  If so, what games are you picking up?  Let me know in the comments!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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