GTA Online’s stimulus package is now live!

gta onlineRockstar has just announced that GTA Online’s stimulus package is now live!  Player will be receiving infusions of $500,000 in-game cash starting today.  Rockstar expects the stimulus package to take a full two days to run it’s course, so continue to check back each today, tomorrow and Friday, to ensure you have received the cash.

What do you have had to do to receive the money? You must have played GTA Online at some point in time during the month of October.  Originally, the cash was going to be given out in two $250,000 deposits, but due to problems on Rockstar’s end, it was delayed, and finally began releasing today.

For those unfamiliar, the GTA Online stimulus package was a result of the horribly buggy and all around unplayable launch of GTA Online.  Rockstar took quite some time to fix all of the issues, and the stimulus package is being released to pay for any lost property people had.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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