Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin: No one specific reason caused the resolution gap

image credit: Official Playstation Magazine UK

image credit: Official Playstation Magazine UK

Call of Duty Ghosts’ executive producer Mark Rubin spoke with Eurogamer today about why the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at 720p, compared to the PS4’s 1080p.  Rubin said “I don’t know if I can point to one particular cause.” when asked what specifically caused the lack of 1080p.

Rubin said that the developer has had a a theoretical version of each new console for quite some time now.  Though things changed frequently, creating a nightmare for the engineers, especially in when Microsoft and Sony engineers change items how much the engine uses.

“One of the greatest challenges the engineers have to deal with is memory management, or thread management. There are X number of threads in your CPUs. Where in those threads is the stuff that’s Microsoft or Sony? Where does it fall? How does it work? We don’t have the SDKs for those features yet, and then they come in and you go, okay, well it needs 3MB of RAM – oh, crap, we only allocated two! You can’t just take a MB from anywhere. It’s not like there’s just tonnes of it just laying there. You have to pull it from something else. And now you have to balance that somewhere.”  He continued saying that the Engineers needed to change things on the fly depending on what the engineers at Microsoft or Sony would want to allocate to the OS.

Rubin went contunied saying that their was no one single item taking up tpp much information, “oh, well, the VO chat on Xbox took up so much resources that we couldn’t do 1080p native. There’s no definitive one to one per se cause and effect. It’s just an overall thing. We took each system individually and said, ‘okay, let’s make the best game for each system.'”  

The call to make the game 720p was also only made about a month ago.   “And it wasn’t a lack of effort.” assured Rubin, who said it’s very possible that future games will run at 1080p natively.  “Look at Call of Duty 2 versus COD 4. It was a massive leap forward in graphics, and that’s just because it takes time to get through this.”

This reporter’s opinion: I commend Mark Rubin for coming out and answering questions on such a sensitive issue right now for both Infinity Ward and Xbox One.  His answer is the exact one I anticipated though, as it really shows that the Xbox One may just be a bit more challenging at first for devs.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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