Extra Life charity is the victim of a DDoS attack, site thankfully online now

extra-life_thumbExtra Life is a charity that raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network, and is holding many donation drives today with gaming sites like Rev3Games and Rooster Teeth.  The site has fallen victim to a DDoS attack, according to Extra Life’s Facebook page.

In the post, Extra Life founder Jeromy Adams apologized profously, and asked for the news to be spread across all forms of social media.  He also wrote “I am so sorry that you are going through this frustration today. Our entire team is purely heartbroken that someone would do this. But it has happened.  As frustrating as this is for everyone involved, it pales in comparison to what the kids we’re trying to save go through.

“That reality, for me personally, is about the only thing keeping me somewhat calm right now.  I am very angry and very sorry. You deserve better than this. The kids deserve better than this. Extra Life has given a lot of us some of the happiest moments in our lives.”

Since this post, Extra Life has been able to bring their website back online, and all donations are able to flow in normally.  Thankfully, these dumb attacks from someone seem to be over with.  If you want to donate to Extra Life just head over to their website, or donate through your favorite streams page.

This reporter’s opinion:  What kind of sick fuck DDoS’ a website that is raising money for sick kids?  Honestly, this is one of the single most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.  Their’s talk that it was an attack on the hosting center, but either way I’m disgusted.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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