PS4 will not support MP3s, DLNA functionality, or Youtube uploads of gameplay footage

ps4Sony has released an all-encompassing FAQ guide for the PS4.  This FAQ has revealed quite a few unfortunate details for the console, including the lack of ability to play CDs, upload gameplay to Youtube, and will not work as a media server.

For music, gamers cannot upload their own music, or play CDs with the console.  As a substitute (of sorts) Sony has a Music Unlimited service which costs $59.99 or $41.99 for PlayStation Plus users.  Gameplay will be able to be streamed to Ustream and Twitch, and only twitch will have an archive of the gameplay.  Players can upload gameplay to Facebook, but not Youtube (let that one sink in for a second).  

PS4 will not allow gamers to stream their media like music and movies from their PC to PS4.  The PS3 has worked has supported DLNA for quite some time, and allows gamers to access their PCs media via their console.  The Xbox One’s current ability to use DLNA support is unknown.  If their is a bright spot to this news, Shuhei Yoshida has said that they are hearing the feedback about DLNA support, and he is passing it along to the dev team.

In completely unrelated news, the PS4 can accept voice commands via a mic, and not just the Playstation Eye.

This reporter’s opinion: This is a really unfortunate news for the PS4.  People really want these all in one media centers now, and it’s almost ironic that people who complained about the lack of gaming focus on Xbox One now complain about the extra media on PS4.  It’s odd, but I;m sure they will add many of these features down the road.

by, Bobby Marquardt



One thought on “PS4 will not support MP3s, DLNA functionality, or Youtube uploads of gameplay footage

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