Deep Silver announces NASCAR ’14

NASCAR 14Today, Deep Silver announced they will publish NASCAR ’14, which is being developed by Eutechnyx.  The new title will launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 in Spring of 2014.  Eutechnyx has developed past NASCAR console titles, including NASCAR 2011 and NASCAR Inside Line.  Eutechnyx also developed the 2013 stinker Ride to Hell: Retribution, so take their past with a grain of salt.

NASACAR fans can vote on the cover driver for ’14 right now on Facebook, choosing between a litany of drivers, including Jimmy Johnson, Danica Patrick, Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch.  NASCAR fans can look forward to this title in early 2014.

This reporter’s opinion: Well, this is both unexpected and completely understandable at the same time.  NASCAR is one of the biggest sports in the US, and if the budget is done correctly, this could be a very profitable move for Deep Silver.  I remember NASCAR games being very fun when I was younger, mostly Daytona USA, but I think their is still something of a market for these kinda games.

by, Bobby Marquardt

image credit: terminal gamer

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