Rumor: DriveClub delayed to 2014


It is being reported today that PS4 exclusive DriveClub will be delayed into 2014.  The rumor/report began today on UK Gaming site The Same Coin, who wrote they had word from an anonymous source that the Evolution Studios devloped title would be delayed into early 2014.  They wrote that this is just a rumor for now, but as the day went on, it seems to have some legs.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier wrote an article putting Same Coin as their primary source, but say they  have a source close to Sony who has confirmed the rumor.  The Creative Director of DriveClub, Paul Rustchynsky, tweeted today that he has been out of the office for past week caring for his newborn, and has no new news to report.

DriveClub was also suppose to be apart of a PS4 preview event today in San Francisco, but was removed last minute due to “scheduling conflicts”.  This could honestly be a unrelated, but it sure doesn’t help to quell the current rumor.  We have reached out to Sony in regards to this rumor, and will update as soon as we hear from them.

This reporter’s opinion:  Gosh, I do not want to see this rumor turn out true.  This would just be a major blow to the PS4’s launch.  Losing Watch Dogs yesterday, and their first party racing title could really take the legs out from underneath the PS4 early on.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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