DICE recommends over 14GB install for Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360

bf4 helicopter

Battlefield 4 is just a few short weeks away, and DICE has revealed that to play the game on the Xbox 360 you will need at least a 2 GB install.  In a post on help.ea.com, EA and DICE revealed the required install, and announced they recommend over an additional 12GB install to play the game optimally.

Each disk has an additional install you can choose to use for optimal performance.  Disk 1, the multiplayer disk, has 6.6 GB of content, and disk 2, the single player disk, has 5.8 GB of content to install.  “We highly recommend performing these additional installations to make sure you have the best experience possible in Battlefield 4.” DICE & EA concluded.  

Battlefield 4 will likely perform much lower then it can on next-gen consoles or PC.  DICE told OXM that making the game look the same on different consoles would be “the coward’s way out”.  Players who buy on Xbox 360 or PS3 can already expect only 24 player multiplayer matches, compared to PC and next-gen’s 64.

This reporter’s opinion:  That amount of a recommended install for a current gen game is insane.  If people thought GTA V’s required 8 GB install was bad, wait for them to see this recommendation.  I would recommend that you either pick the game up on PC, PS4 or Xbox One.  If you have no plans to get any of the new consoles though, or do not have a good gaming rig, then I suppose you can deal with a lesser version of the game.  I’ll be getting it on PS4.

by, Bobby Marquardt

information found thanks to VG247, EurogamerOXM UK and reddit user PureEvil666.


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