Playstation 4’s first tv commercial is a musical!


The Playstation 4’s launch is just 30 days away, and Sony has released it’s PS4 commercial during tonight’s Monday Night Football game of the Colts vs Chargers.  The trailer is far more musical than I would have imagined, but it really sets the tone for why many people game: to spend a perfect day with friends.

You can compare this trailer to Microsoft’s first Xbox One television ad which chose to focus on everything the Xbox One can do that isn’t gaming.  The PS4 launches on November 15th.

This reporter’s opinion: This really showcases the different approaches taken by each company.  Sony knows it’s a gaming device first, and has added extra features around that, while Microsoft seems to focus on nearly every aspect, while hoping gamers just kinda come along like they did during the current generation.  I may write up a whole column about which approach I think is better, but in terms of which one I like more, as a gamer, it’s obviously Sony.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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