Rockstar gives players half a million in-game dollars for GTA Online issues

gta onlineGTA Online was plagued with issues during it’s launch on October 1st.  Rockstar worked to solve all the issues, and seems to has finally conquered the primary issues.  Some players have still reported missing cars, guns and homes, which took quite a bit of money in order to buy.  Rockstar looks to resolve these issues, with the announcement of a $500,000 stimulus package for all players.

The stimulus will be delivered to players in two $250,000 deposits, the first by end of next week, and the last by end of the month.  In order to qualify for these deposits, you must have played GTA Online sometime in October, and install the new title update.

This reporter’s opinion:  This was a great move on the part of Rockstar.  Giving only the players who were effected by the issues the stimulus could have been incredibly time consuming, and been more trouble then it was worth.  Giving it to all players really makes it feel like it’s an apology for all issues GTA Online had.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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