Headsets like Astros and the Pulse Elite will not work on PS4 at launch, it will be patched in later [Update some Astros work]

ps4Previously, we reported that Astro gaming headsets would work with the PS4, and while this appears to be true, it just won’t work at launch.  Polygon is reporting that Astro reached out to Polygon saying their headsets would work with PS4, just not right away.  Sony then told Polygon that any chat device that works with a USB for chat would not work at launch, though it will still work for audio (or any other device that uses an audio cable).

Sony also added that Pulse and Pulse Elite headsets would not work for chat on the PS4 at launch, and any bluetooth only headsets would not work on the console at all.  This is contrary to earlier words by a Sony representative at San Diego Comic-Con.  Pulse and Pulse Elite will work for chat and audio sometime in the future with a system update, but not at the launch of the PS4.

The Xbox One is in a similar boat, but plans on releasing an adapter for current generation wired gaming headsets, like those sold from Astro and Turtle Beach.  No word has yet been given on the cost of the adapter, or a release date. Note that both the PS4 and Xbox One will include a headset for chat in the box, and the Xbox One can also use Kinect.

This reporter’s opinion:  This seems quite shifty on the part of Sony.  As an owner of a $250 Astro A40, I was really hoping to use it on my PS4 day one.  Granted, I can use it for game audio, and then just put the earbud in as well, but it’s just not the same.  I’m glad it will all work eventually, but I’m certainly disappointed it’s going to take some time.

Update: Turtle Beach PX4 headset will be usable at the launch of the PS4, Turtle Beach’s Dave Lowey told IGN.

Update 2: I can with 100% certainty that the Astro A40’s work on the PS4.  I purchased mine in early 2013, and my model will work with my console.  I can’t say for certain about previous models though.  I;m hearing support for them will be patched in for the future.

by, Bobby Marquardt


2 thoughts on “Headsets like Astros and the Pulse Elite will not work on PS4 at launch, it will be patched in later [Update some Astros work]

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