Star Wars: The Old Republic is adding starfighter PvP this December!

Bioware’s Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic will be adding in PvP space battles this Winter, EA announced today.  This free digital expansion called Galactic Starfighter, will allow for 12 vs 12 space battles between the Sith Empire and Galatic Republic.  Galactic Starfighter is The Old Republic’s second expansion, following Rise of the Cartel which was released in April.

Players will be able to choose from a variety of different kinds of starfighters, from Scout ships to gunships, allowing each players to have a specific role. Those ships can then be customized with an abundance of different weapons, abilities and paint schemes.  These battles will happen in a variety of different locals, and players can earn rewards for their main ground character by succeeding in this combat.

This new expansion will be available for subscribers on December 3rd, though you must be a subscriber as of November 1st.  Preferred status players, those who have bought an item from the games online store or have previously subscribed, can get their very own starfighter starting on January 14th, and free-to-play players can then begin space pvp on February 4th.  Players who either subscribe or have preferred status will also receive exclusive titles, flight suits, and paint jobs.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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