See Charzard’s newest mega evolution: Mega Charzard X


Pokemon X & Y are just over a week away, and Game Freak is releasing new information on the title with each passing day.  Earlier in the year we learned about the debut of Mega evolutions for Pokemon.  These evolutions can only be accomplished if certain Pokemon are holding Mega stones.  Charzard can hold a specific type of mega stone called Charizardite X and evolve into Mega Charzard X.  Give Charzard’s newest mega evolution, with is a fire and dragon type below

A new leak has surfaced today showing off the final forms of each of the three starting Pokemon.  The final stages can be found here, or here, but I warn you not to take a look at these if you do not want your game to partially spoiled.  Max will be devouring Pokemon Y upon it’s release, and he will have a review up within a week or so of the games launch.  Pokemon X & Y will release on 3DS on October 12th

by, Bobby Marquardt


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