Riot teams with Coke Zero to form a new amateurs series for League of Legends

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image credit:, Riot Games

Tomorrow gamers worldwide will tune in to watch the League of Legends World Championship between SK Telecom and Royal Club, and many  may want to make their own way to a future world title match.  To create a pathway for amateurs, Riot has teamed with Coke Zero to form a new series specifically for amateurs.

The Challengers League will run parallel to the LCS, and be broadcast live on  This league will begin in 2014, and pits teams from the 5S Challenger ranking against one another.  At the end of the series, the top teams will then be invited to play in a championship tournament for a shot at the LCS.

Look for more information on this new league in 2014, and be sure to tune in and watch Korea’s SK Telecom take on China’s Royal Club live tomorrow night at the Staples Center at 8pm Pacific on either or

This reporter’s opinion:  This is huge news for the world of Esports and League of Legends.  A major corporation like Pepsi sponsoring an entire tournament really brings legitimacy to the sport.  On top of this, now their is a real way for amateurs to go pro.  This could potentially be what the NCAA is to the NBA or NFL.  I may be getting ahead of myself here, but it really is an amazing idea.  Also, please forgive any errors in this article, as I am a League of Legends noob, and still trying to fully grasp this amazing world Riot has built.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Source: Polygon and Riot Games


One thought on “Riot teams with Coke Zero to form a new amateurs series for League of Legends

  1. Spencer Nozell

    Between this and all the other sponsorship’s and ramp up for this year’s Season 3’s championship do you think Riot is positioning/preparing themselves for something greater? If so what do you think it might be.


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