Author Tom Clancy passes away at age 66

Tomclancy2Prolific military fiction author, Tom Clancy, has passed away at age 66.  Tom is best known for his novels The Hunt for Red October, The Sum of all Fears, & Rainbow Six, as well as many more series set in that universe, like Splinter Cell and EndWar.

Clancy also left his mark on the gaming industry, after he founded Red Storm Entertainment in 1996.  The studio was purchased by Ubisoft in 2000, and Clancy’s name would be featured on many titles like Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and many more.

Ubisoft has multiple Clancy-verse titles currently in development including The Division, Rainbow Six: Patriots, and Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online.  We here at The League of Mediocre Gamers would like to extend our sincerest of condolences to the Clancy family.

by, Bobby Marquardt

image credit: wikimedia


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