Sega has “no plans” to bring Phantasy Star Nova to the West

Phantasy Star Nova

image credit: Sega &

Sega recently unveiled the latest in the Phantasy Star franchise, Phantasy Star Nova.  This will be a Vita exclusive title, and was looking quite impressive on the handheld.  All of the information on the title was released in Japanese though, which left many Western fans questioning if they would ever see the title localized.  Sega’s track record for localization is quite spotty at best, with Western gamers often having to wait years before getting the newest titles in the Persona, Yakuza and Phantasy Star series.

Sega Addicts reached out to Sega of America for comment on if the title would be coming to the West.  Sega’s Kellie Parker said the following, “There are currently no plans to release Phantasy Star Nova in the western market. Should this change, we will ensure the information is shared as soon as possible.”

This news is likely saddening for many Phantasy Star fans, who have also still not seen the localization of another Phantasy Star title, Phantasy Star Online 2.  This could also be a bad omen for fan of Atlus, the much loved Japaneses developer, who was recently purchased by Sega.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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