Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas is free on Xbox Live for Gold members

image credit: Ubisoft,

image credit: Ubisoft,

Xbox has been giving out some solid titles during with it’s Games for Gold program, including Dead Rising 2, Magic: The Gathering 2013 (which you can still get if you act fast!), and Crackdown.  This trend continues today with the release of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas.  This title was a critical and commercial success during it’s release back in 2006, and spawned a sequel, which was even better (in my opinion).

If you have Gold, and want to download this title (and why wouldn’t you, it’s free!) then head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace anytime from now until the end of September and get this one for free.  It has 4 player co-op, and an excellent story mode, so it can take up this brief few moments before Grand Theft Auto V comes out.  

If you do not have Gold, Microsoft has another cool special running.  The Free-to-Play title Happy Wars is able to be played by Xbox Live Silver member from now until September 20th.  The title has players competing to capture control points and assault the opposing teams castle.  I personally loved the game when I played it.  In fact, Max, my friend Corey and I were 18-0 one night and only lost due to lag.  It takes a surprisingly large amount of skill to master, but offers a lot of fun for those just starting.  Check it out here, even if you have Xbox Live Gold.  

by, Bobby Marquardt


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