Rumor: Leaked files from GTA V reveal a possible PC and PS4 port

As you likely know, GTA V has leaked and been shipped early to some gamers in the UK.  The files first leaked a few weeks back after the PSN allowed for players to pre-load the copies.  Unfortunately, they didn’t encrypt the files properly.  Some portions of the game, like the soundtrack were leaked.  The files that leaked just this past week, however, have showcased quite a few more intriguing details.

Dualshockers is reporting on a pastebin post that allegedly contains the XML of GTA V on Xbox 360.  In the pictures below (taken from Dualshockers), you will see that the PC is mentioned twice, and the PS4 is mentioned under it’s codename Orbis.  Remember though that GTA V has been in development for quite some time, so still calling it Orbis is not too surprising.





The files can be seen in full over on Dualshockers, but I would read into this as just a rumor at this point.  The PC version seems less farfetchd than a PS4 version though, as nearly every Rockstar and GTA games comes to the PC.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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