Peter Molyneux’s Godus and King of Fighters XIII are available now on Steam

kof XIII22cans and Peter Molyneux’s latest title Godus is available on Steam early access right now.   You may recall, late last year, 22cans completed a Kickstarter of over 500,000 euros  (Over $800,000) to work on this new god game.  It was touted as a re-envisioning of Molyneux’s much loved classic Populous.  The game isn’t completed though, but through Steam early access players can play this early build of the upcoming game, and will receive updates with additional features as development goes on.  You can pick it up on Steam right now for $19.99, and become a god of your people.

The King of Fighters series is finally coming the PC with the launch of King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition.  This new version will run for $29.99 and features an improved net-code, 36 playable characters (including previously DLC only fighters), and an improved storymode.  If you are looking for a great fighter on PC look no further than King of Fighters XIII, and head over to Steam now to get in on the battle.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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