Xbox One will support eight controllers!

Xbox One controllerToday, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will support up eight controllers on one console.  This number is double the amount that the Xbox 360 and PS4 can use, each only allowing four controllers per console.  No reasoning behind the feature was announced, but buying eight controllers would run you right about $500.

This reporter’s opinion:  This just seems like a feature they are adding for the sake of adding.  As far as I know, their are no games currently using more than four controllers for local play.  I could see this feature being used in future side-scrollers (think Rayman Legends with eight people all in front of the same screen), though that could be quite hectic.  It would work amazingly for a game like Scene It!, though that may be wishful thinking as my friends and I love both Scene it! titles on Xbox 360.

What do you think Microsoft will use this feature for?  Will they even use it?  Can you think of a great series that would work well with eight local player?  Let us know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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