Aaron “Ace” Elam wins the Halo 4 Global Championship!

ace halo 4

343 Industries and Virgin Gaming’s Halo 4 Global Championship finals were last night at PAX Prime in Seattle, and saw eight of the top Halo 4 players in the world facing off for the title of Global Champion and a $200,000 grand prize.  The top eight saw longtime Halo pros like Cloud, Legit, IgotUrPistola, Enable, Ace and Str8 Sick, compete with a Halo Reach and Halo 4 star in Formal, and a newcomer named Contra.

The first match saw all eight players facing off in a free for all on Haven.  The four players with the most kills at the end of 12 minutes would advance to the semifinals.  In a hyper competitive match, we found Ace nearly out of the match, but with a last minute rally we forced his way past Formal and Contra and took the 4th spot.  The top four were set, and these players would then play in a round of 1v1s to determine who would advance to the finals.  It would be 1st place Str8 Sick taking on Ace, and Pistola vs Legit.

In our first 1v1 we saw Ace take on Str8 Sick.  Early on in the match, Str8 Sick took a 5-2 lead, but we would see Ace rally back one again to tie the match up 7-7.  He showed off the crafty veteran side of his play-style, by realizing Str8 Sick would try to make a move behind a pylon and was able to take him out to gain the lead.  The match would end 9-7 in favor of Ace.

The last semifinal match was two fan favorites facing one another: Pistola vs Legit.  Both of these men have been playing Halo games since Halo 2, and each are former MLG National Champions.  It satarted quite close, but Pistola would soon break away, winning 7-4.

So the finals were set: Ace vs Pistola.  These two men are often times the opposite ends of the pro Halo spectrum, Pistola known for his amazing sniper ability, and Ace really known as one of the best all around players.  Both men are former MLG champions, and each have seen success in AGL.  The stakes were massive and I will let you watch it before I say any more.

Yep, it went to a tie!  These two men, each so skilled, so equal, played the match to a 6-6 tie.  They would then play a sudden death tiebreaker, first man to one kill wins the match.  $200,000 would be riding on just one kill.

Aaron “Ace” Elam took home the $200,000.  The long time veteran of the sport truly showed why he deserved the title, by coming through when it mattered.  He was joined on stage by his older brother and fellow Halo veteran Kyle “Elamite Warrior” Elam, who is a former MLG National champion himself, and the two champions shared a well deserved hug.

Ace walks away today as the Halo 4 Global Champion, but this isn’t the end for Halo 4 tournaments.  AGL has their AGL 10 Indianapolois coming up in November, with $10,000 going to the winning 4v4 team.  We here at The League of Mediocre Gamers want to send a hearty congratulations to Ace, and to all the competitors in the Halo 4 Global Championship.  This tournament really showed that competitive Halo is truly still viable, and with amazing production values like we had, and the great level of competition, we could see Halo keep growing.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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