Killzone to have 4-24 player multiplayer, free post launch DLC, and a custom games browser!

Killzone Shadow Fall is the major hardcore gamer first party exclusive available for the PS4 at launch and it continues to impress at nearly every stage.  Yesterday at Gamescom, Sony showcased the multiplayer side of Guerrilla Games’ latest entry into the franchise with it’s robust custom game options, as well as a custom games browser.  Take a look at it below.

In a recent blog post, Guerrilla Games also outlined their plans for XP and weapon/class unlocks.  Instead of using XP, the team will use over 1500 challenges for the player to conquer, and by completing these they will unlock rewards.  No details as to what those rewards are though, but we do know they will not include weapons.

All 22 weapons will be unlocked right off the bat for player to choose from.  This way, players will be able to choose specialize however they wish, and not be forced to grind just to unlock the fun weapons.  All future DLC maps will also come free of charge to players, as to not splinter the community.

Killzone Shadow Fall launches with the PS4 on November 15th, and continues to look more and more impressive.  We will have a review of this title up within a week of launch.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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