Here’s all you need to know about the new free-to-play Killer Instinct

XboxWire_Thunder_2I was confused at first by Killer Instinct.  You would expect the title to have been available for pre-order at retailers, but this is not the case.  Microsoft released the full information on Double Helix’s new title today, and revealed that the game is free-to-play.

Killer Instinct will be available as a free download on Xbox One’s launch day, where players will have access to one character, Jago (pictured above getting kicked in the face by Thunder).  Players can purchase the additional eight characters, including Thunder, Sabrewulf, and Glacius, for $4.99/ £3.99 / €4.99 each. (note: It says starting at these prices.  I have reached out to Xbox’s PR for clarification if certain characters will cost more).

Players can also buy one of two bundles for all the characters.  The first bundle is called the Combo Breaker pack.  this pack will unlock all eight characters for the game (six are available at launch, and players will receive the final two earlier than it’s official launch).  This pack will cost $19.99 / £16.99 / €19.99.  The second pack is called the Ultra Edition.  Players receive all eight characters, additional costumes and accessories, as well as the original Killer Instinct arcade game.

The game will also launch without a story mode.  This, and the additional two characters will be released by February or March, according to Creative Director Ken Lobb.  Double Helix also plans on introducing a season two, which presumably will include additional characters and costumes, to the title sometime in 2014.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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