RUMOR: New Vita model to be revealed before the Tokyo Game Show

ps_vita_systemThe Playstation Vita has been struggling since it’s launch in Spring 2012, but has some of the most loyal gamers, and they purchase more titles per user than any other system.  Many, including myself, are looking into picking up a Vita because of how much potential it has to tie in with the PS4.  Sony may be capitalizing on this new interest, if this rumor is true. is reporting a rumor from a Japanese newspaper, stating that Sony will reveal a new model of PS Vita before the Tokyo Game Show in September.  This new model will have a 6.3 inch screen, 1.3 inches larger then the current one, and an increase to 1 GB of ram.  This increase is so programs can run in the background.

Remember this is just a rumor.  Take it at that.  Nintendo has seen success by making an XL version of their handhelds, so maybe Sony seems the possible money there.  Who knows, honestly.  It seems odd the company would want to use marketing money on a new Vita when they will likely be spending hundreds of millions on PS4 advertisements leading up to it’s launch.  But, if Sony did do this, it would allow them to relaunch the system, maybe holding back a major title or two to help with it.  Look for more Vita news at Gamescom next week, and possibly at TGS in September.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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