Pokemon World Championship, AGL 9, Elgato 10k and the International 3 are all taking place today!

agl_w_news_headline_642x280Today is a huge day in Esports.  For nearly any type of game, their is a tournament running today.  We’ll start off with my personal favorite, AGL 9.  AGL 9 is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, with some of the top Halo 4 players in the world duking it out for the grand prize, and a guaranteed shot into the Halo Global Championships.  With casting from people like Ghandi and Maven, take a look at these great match-ups here.

Next up, taking place in the same venue, is the Elgato 10k, being run by UMG gaming.  This tournament features the best players in Black Ops 2 really showing just how competitive this game can be.  One of the craziest plays happened last night, with Nifty going completely clutch to win the game for his team Conquer.  Goldenboy, and Rambo are on commentary right now,  so take a look at the great COD gameplay on their twitch.tv stream

Coming to us live from Vancouver, Canada, is the 2013 Pokemon World Championships.  Viewers will get to watch two different games being played on this stream, both the Trading Card Game, and Black and White 2.  I honestly never realized their was such deep strategy in the video game, involving breeding for certain traits, what items to hold and things and the order to put out your Pokemon.  I  am the guy who use to just run through the game using only my starter, so this is amazing to me.  The trading card game finals are on now, and it is quite an informative stream to watch.  Learn more for yourself on their stream.

Valve has offered up a huge prize pool for their official DOTA 2 tournament, the International 2013.  This will see the best DOTA 2 players from all across with world competing for over 2.8 million dollars in prize money!  The winning team receives $1,436,919!!!!  That is insanity!  Coming to us right from Valve’s backyard of Seattle, Washington, today we will see the finals.  Watch these amazing players compete for this amazing amount of money here.

No matter what games you enjoy, their is some type of competeitive gaming tournament for you today.  Watch some of these great athletes compete for glory.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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