Hossin is coming to Planetside 2 this September

Planetside 2 is a Massively Multiplayer online first person shooter.  Players fight over three separate continents by fighting for one of three factions.  It is a tremendously fun game, and the feeling of joining your team on an assault is something that no other game can match.

Hossin will be introduced to players this September, and mark the 4th continent that players will fight on.  Hossin is a swamp/forest continent, that will feature awesome new base types like Tree forts.  so just kinda imagine a tree fort from when you were a kid, expand it’s size by 50 times, and put guns on it.  It’s as awesome looking as it sounds.

Planetside 2 currently available for free on PC.  You can download it right now at www.planetside2.com/.  It is expected to release on PS4 sometime this year as well.  Hossin is currently being tested in public test servers, with a full launch expected sometime in September.  For more Hossin, take a look at these two imgur albums.

by, Bobby Marquardt


2 thoughts on “Hossin is coming to Planetside 2 this September

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