Everquest Next & Everquest Next Landmark announced at SOE Live

Everquest is really the game that founded the MMO genre.  It had players logging on with dial up connections and spending thousands of hours in it’s amazing world.  It’s dominance has falled quite tremendously, as World of Warcraft rose to prominence, but all of that could change with Sony Online Entertainment’s latest game in the series Everquest Next.

With Everquest Next, SOE is rebooting the franchise.  Their will be similar names and locations that veterans are use to, but new players will have a shot to learn chart their own course in this universe as well.  This reboot is important as players and player activity will change everything.

Everquest Next’s world is “fully” destructible.  I put quotes there, as obviously certain things won’t be able to be blown up, but most parts of the environment can either be destroyed or take an impact from your actions.  In the trailer above, you aw players destroying a bridge before enemies could traverse it, and destroying some of the ruins architecture.

This changing of the world is not limited to destroying either.  By using the creation tools of Everquest Next Landmark, players can build there own areas that could be transferred into the real game.  For example, Players can purchase a plot of land in Everquest Next, and then build whatever they wish in Landmark.  Players in the game will also have Rallying Calls where players will be called to build a settlement.  Maybe part of the way through this rallying call, Goblins attack.  How do players combat this?  Do they hunt the Goblins down, build a wall or defensive towers?  These choices will remain once the rallying cry is completed.  If the settlement just remains a tent settlement, then that is what is will stay.  If it prospers into a hub of economy it will be that permanently.

SOE hopes to make quests as dynamic as possible.  For example, say a village is being attacked by Gnolls.  you can either just walk away or jump in and help.  But who do you help?  Maybe saving the village could give you more jobs in the future, but helping the Gnolls could give you some special loot.  It’s these new types of quests that SOE hopes will make them an entirely new experience for MMO players.

Players movement will also be changed, allowing more parkour-esc movement.  Vaulting, jumping and sliding will all be at your disposal.  Players will be multi-classed to the point of infinity.  Players will be able to mix and match skills and abilities from these classes to create the character type they want.  There are also no levels in the game, but rather you can work on different skills.  This will allow a three year veteran to play with his/her new friend by just starting a new set of skills.

Take a look at the full debut from SOE below.  Everquest will be free to play, with Landmark potentially releasing this year, and Next will be launching somewhere in the future.  No platforms were given, but it’s safe to assume PC and possibly PS4 since many other SOE titles are coming to the system as well.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Information for this article was taken from Joystiq, IGN and Polygon.  For more, follow these sites as they are currently at SOE Live and doing a far better job at coverage then I can from Wisconsin.  


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